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Everybody at this time is needing to stay well informed, its never been more important than ever for your television to work.

We are conducting business as usual unless we show any signs of the virus and are instructed to go into self isolation for two weeks.

To help protect our engineers and our customers against the spread of Covid-19, we have introduced the following measures;

  1. Disinfect all van door handles, steering wheel, gear stick, all controls, keys, pens, phones and regularly used tools at the start and end of each day.
  2. Carry disinfectant wipes or spray during the day just in case we feel you need to use it at any point.
  3. Wear latex gloves during each job. Change them in between jobs so each household get a clean pair.
  4. Use a new face mask on every job.
  5. All invoice will be emailed to Customers where needed.