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Bulwell TV Aerial Services

People think we just do TV Aerials well we also do Satellite & Sky Hd Services

Bulwell Aerials Can install a Brand new Satellite dish or sky Hd Satellite Dish, we also cover Sky services need your sky box moving to another room or getting the message no signal call / email us or fill out the online contact form and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Do you have a Sky Box Saying No satellite signal?

Have Sky said No to an Installation ?

Bulwell Aerials Can help

We specialize in:

  1. Property of different Heights or no access area that sky Hd Cant Reach.
  2. Satellite Roof Installation
  3. satellite Dish or Sky Hd Chimney Installation
  4. Installing a Satellite dish or Sky HD Sky Dish in a Discreet location.
  5. Chimney Sky Hd Satellite Repairs
  6. Pole mounted Sky hd / satellite dishes
  7. Satellite / Sky Dish Twin cable upgrades / Install
  8. Need more cables installing / Additional coax cables
  9. is your proprty a Listed Building or has special needs.
  10. Quad & Octo LNB Upgrades
  11. International Freesat / Sky Services / NON-STANDARD channels / Installs

We can repair any Sky Satellite Equipment, Sky+ box or Sky HD box.

No satellite signal message Or Faulty Dish fault?

Bulwell Aerials engineers can repair any Sky or satellite dish

Here are a small list of faults that we can fix for you.

  1. No Signal or  Re alignment
  2. Some ports on my Lnb dont work
  3. need a Quad Lnb fitting
  4. need to install a extra sky Hd Box  we can fit a Octo Lnb
  5. Sky link problem
  6. sky or satellite Magic eye needs Re cable
  7. Shotgun Coax/Twin sat cable needs repair or replace
  8. F connectors missing connection to my sky box
  9. Tree in the way of my sky dish need to move Sky / satellite dish

Our engineers will diagnose your sky TV problem & give you a fixed price quote to repair.

Please Call (01159795666) or Click here for our online booking system and will will be happy to help.

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